The First Note

Songbirds Studios is located within the historic York-Chester district of Gastonia, nestled into what used to be the Gym for Ashley Arms High School, and what now is home to Rodi Restaurant and Events at The Loft.

Pairing charm and natural light with the latest technology, our learning environment will provide a modern yet relaxed and fun atmosphere for students of all ages!

Teach in Harmony

Songbirds Studios is committed to partnerships that better our community. We are always looking for ways to connect, support and encourage growth. Please contact us if you are interested in involving Songbirds Studios with your event or organization!

Existing Partnerships:
Events at the Loft
Marion Elementary, Shelby NC
Achieve Learning Center
The Future Sounds Good

What are artists without dreams?! We are aspiring to bring you:

Community music appreciation classes
A music computer lab
Recording/Pro Tools instruction classes
Community based live music series

What would you like to see?

Our Mission, for the love of music...

Songbirds Studios strives to provide an environment in which the social, emotional and physical demands of learning are met by engaging in a fun and educational music program that has been tailored to suit the needs of the individual student, regardless of age and ability.

We'd love to
hear from you!